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Physical Education/Health

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HEALTHY LIVING – Required Freshman Course  (Semester)

Healthy Living covers a broad spectrum of curriculum related to many health issues. The course is designed to create opportunities for sound decision making and lifetime wellness choices. This course's content deals with physical, mental and social health issues. Topics included in this comprehensive class are bullying and harassment, drug prevention, relationships, sexual abuse and harassment, smoking, alcohol use, sexually transmitted diseases and healthy food choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.       

Physical Education Department

 The state of California has a two-year physical education graduation requirement.  Our classes follow the California State Framework for Physical Education and are taught by California Credentialed teachers.

The ninth grade core class is required.  We also offer a variety of elective classes for our students to choose from upon successful completion of their ninth grade year with a “B” or better, or a student may take P.E. 10 to fulfill their second year requirement.  A physical education rubric is utilized to insure that all students understand what the basic expectations are for successful completion of course content.

 The student’s current school year’s first semester grade and teacher approval will determine elective eligibility.  Students may not make up ninth or tenth grade core P.E. classes in an elective class.  Course work may be made up in summer school or a P.E. 10 class during subsequent school year semesters.


This course is required at the ninth grade level. Students participate in a variety of team sports and games and learn health-related and skill related fitness. A unit in First Aid is included in this course. 

Uniforms are mandatory.

 Grade: 9                               Year


This course focuses on individual and dual sports and may include units in archery, golf, badminton and weight training. Team sports are included. 
Uniforms are mandatory.

 Grades: 10,11,12                                Year

Physical Education Electives:

Prerequisite: Student must have a B or better in the last P.E. class completed.

This course includes instruction and daily training on turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps.  Students experience a variety of dance moves from ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Students learn dance routines. Appropriate dance attire and shoes are assigned by the instructor.

 Grades: 10,11,12                                Year                       UC/CSU


Prerequisite:  Dance 1, or for those with dance experience, consent of instructor.

Advanced Dance students focus on choreography and dance production.  Students are required to perform with the Music, Drama and Art Departments.  The instructor determines class attire.

 Grades: 10,11,12                                Year                       UC/CSU

CARDIO FIT    (formerly Aerobics)

Cardio fit is a course offered to those interested in developing their overall health. In this course, we will explore Crossfit, strength training, circuit training, tabata and yoga to improve the overall strength and functionality of the body. Students will push their bodies limits and create goals for athletic performance, personal health and lifelong well-being. All fitness levels are welcome. The focus will be on personal growth and progress. Take advantage of this unique course offered at Benicia High School

 Grades: 10,11,12                                Year


Prerequisite: Student must have a B or better in the last P.E. class completed.

This class focuses on training principles, the techniques of conditioning, goal setting and sport specific activities.  It is also designed to enhance athletic achievement through proper training.  PE uniforms are required.

 Grades: 10,11,12                                Year