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Room H-109

WorkAbility 1 is a transition program that provides secondary special education students with an understanding of job seeking skills, expected job behavior, and available employment opportunities.  We improve the employability of students with disabilities by enabling them to demonstrate their employment skills through subsidized or unsubsidized work experience.  WorkAbility provides individual assessments and career or vocational planning for program participants.  We develop work sites in the private or public sector and we transition students into subsidized or unsubsidized work experience that leads to full or part-time employment, education, or advanced training.

WorkAbility 1 is a program which…

  • Provides pre-employment skills training, work site training and follow-up services for youth in special education who are making the transition from school to work.
  • Offers special education students the opportunity to complete their secondary education while also obtaining marketable skills.
  • Benefits students, employers and the community at large.