Attendance Policy


 Benicia High receives funding only when students are present in school. Students are expected to be in class on time and attend all classes daily. Excused absences include:

  •  illness
  • medical/dental/therapy appointments
  • death in the immediate family
  • absence/quarantine exclusion directed by a health officer
  • jury duty

Vacations and trips out of town are not excused.

All absences must be cleared with a written note or telephone call within 72 hours to the attendance office. If your student’s absence is not cleared within this time, it will roll into a cut and the student will be assigned detention.

The administration requests your assistance with scheduling appointments and meetings involving students outside school hours. Students leaving campus or returning to campus must check out/in through the attendance office. Students leaving campus without approval through the attendance office will be issued detention(s).

Students absent on the day of a school activity may not attend or participate in such activity unless the Principal verifies the absence as an emergency. A student absent on Friday may not participate in school­sponsored weekend activities.

  • Attendance telephone number is 747­-8325.
  • Absences must be cleared within 72 hours.
  • Detention will be issued to students leaving campus without permission.

Students are required by law to attend school every day (Education Code 48260)