When bullying or harassment occurs on campus, students are to see their counselor or an administrator right away to fill out our district approved bully report form. Reporters reserve the right to remain anonymous. All reports will be handled promptly while still respecting the wishes of the victim. Due to the delicate nature of bullying, we will handle all situations on an individual basis. Consequences for such behavior are confidential, progressive, and determined based on factual information.

there has been an enormous increase in students (and parents) using the social network scene to make inappropriate, offensive, or threatening comments to others. When cyber­bullying occurs it is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to seek police guidance. As a school, we will work with the police to suspend, expel, and arrest students who engage in bullying and cyber­bullying. This is a serious concern and we want you to be aware that we take this issue seriously and will do what we can in partnership with the BPD, you, and the students involved. It is best to have physical evidence, so immediately print screen, save texts, and forward emails, etc.

Bullying in any form is never​ acceptable.

District Bullying Report Form

District Policy regarding bullying