To better acquaint you to the Benicia High School rules, please thoroughly read the Discipline Grid listed under Parent Resources on the website. In general, discipline often has a few different levels. When a situation occurs with a student, depending on the severity, you will be contacted by the teacher or staff member involved. Teachers are encouraged to call or email parents at the first sign of something in order to “nip it in the bud.” It is not uncommon for teachers to give students several warnings and/or opportunities to correct their behavior before they first contact a parent.

 Sometimes there are behaviors that are relatively minor yet disruptive enough to the teaching environment where the teacher may send the student out of the class just for that period of that day. Students get escorted by a campus supervisor to Room A103 which is referred to as Isolated Classroom Environment (ICE). While in ICE, students are to do school work or read. They may not talk, use their phone or sleep. Teachers have the right to assign detentions for certain infractions they feel are disruptive or detrimental to student progress such as: not doing homework, putting their head down, not having materials, etc. If the behavior is severe, a referral will be written for that student and will be handled by an administrator. The administration reserves the right to use their discretion when assigning consequences for breaking school rules.

Please see the Discipline Grid for more detailed information.

DISCIPLINE WHILE OFF CAMPUS -  In the event a student violates a school rule while off campus participating in a school-sponsored event, the parent will be contacted as soon as possible.  The student will either be transported back by the school if the situation is deemed safe for everyone, or in the event the student needs a different type of transportation, the parent will be requested to pick up the student. Any expenses related to this will be the responsibility of the parent.  The student, parent and an administrator will meet the following school day to discuss consequences.