Dress Code


The expression of a student’s uniqueness and individuality by means of dress is sanctioned as being consistent with stated purposes of the school. It is recognized that the school and the parents share a responsibility for teaching students the appropriateness of dress. Any clothing or accessories that are deemed inappropriate for an educational environment are prohibited in order to provide a college and career preparatory environment. As it is the belief of Benicia High School that appropriate student attire is important, the following rules will be enforced during school hours, after school while on campus and during school sponsored events.

❒  All clothing and accessories should be appropriate for school.  Administrative discretion can be used at any time to determine the appropriateness of clothing.      

❒  Any clothing that exposes undergarments is not allowed.

❒  No bare feet. Shoes must be worn at all times.

❒  Articles of clothing which display profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or any other questionable printing; slogans which promote or reference tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence or sex, or interfere with the educational process, are not allowed.

❒  No strapless tops or tops/shirts that do not cover midriff or chest area.  The chest area is considered from the armpits down.

❒  No sheer or see-through tops without an appropriate length top underneath.

❒  Shorts, skirts and dresses cannot be excessively short and should reach mid-thigh.

❒  All pants must be secure at the waist, no sagging pants.         

❒  No bandanas, grills (dental coverings), hairnets, doo rags, skull caps, nets, nylon headgear or gang identified symbols are to be worn.

❒  Removal of shirts/tops is not permitted at any time, including at athletic practices and events.

❒  Students are required to wear t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes for Physical Education classes.

First Offense ~ The item not following the dress code will be confiscated, the student will change into other clothing provided, and the item will be returned at the end of the day.  

Second Offense ~ Results in the item being confiscated, student to change into other clothing provided, the item returned to the parent/guardian, and one after school detention.  

Third Offense ~ Results in 1-5 days suspension due to defiance, as well as the item being confiscated, change into other clothing provided, and the item returned to the parent or guardian.