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Summer School

(Held at Liberty High School)
350 East K Street Benicia, CA. 94510

Summer School Dates
June 20-July 15
No classes on July 4,2016

Summer School Schedule
9:00-12:00 pm-Classroom Session
12:30-3:30 pm -Online Classes

Summer School Courses Offered at liberty High School
English 9      Biology     English 10     World Civilizations      Algebra 1     Body Conditioning      Physical Science

On-line Learning
English 11      English 12      U.S. History      Algebra      Gov/Econ      Health

Attendance Policy: There are no excused or pre-planned absences! Because of the short duration of summer school and state
mandated policy, students cannot be absent for more than two days. Students who miss more than two days of summer school
will be dropped from the class without credit.

Students will be considered tardy if they are not in their seats prepared for class when the bell rings. Three tardies will be
counted as one absence.

Behavior Policy: Due to the short duration of summer school and the intensity of instruction needed, classroom disruptions
cannot be tolerated. Teachers will explain their expectations on the first day of summer school, and students need to adhere to
these expectations at all times.

Any behavior that warrants removal from the class room or the attention of administration will result in a student being
dropped from Summer School.

Electronic Devices: Using these items on campus, before, or during class is not allowed. Items must be turned off, stored in
backpack, invisible to the eye and not heard during school hours. Any use of these items will result in confiscation and a referral to the office for disciplinary action. The school assumes no responsibility for loss of personal property.

Closed Campus: Students are not allowed to leave the Liberty High School campus during school hours. At the end of the
summer school day, students must be off campus by 12:30pm (or 4:00pm for on-line courses). During an emergency, parents or
guardian may check the student out from the Main Office.

Visitors: All visitors must come to the Main Office for a visitor pass. Siblings or friends are not allowed to visit during school hours.

Food and Drink: No food allowed in the classrooms.

Dress Code: All dress codes for Benicia Unified School District apply to Summer School. Hats, headgear, bandanas, and suspenders may not be worn during the school day. Any apparel that promotes or advertises drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or inappropriate activities is not permitted. Students are not permitted to wear chains or safety pins on campus.

Use of Alcohol/Controlled Substance/Fireworks: Students who are found in possession of any illegal substance or fireworks on
campus will be dropped from the summer school program. Law enforcement will be called and may take legal action against the

Medication: Any type of medication, over the counter or prescribed by a doctor, is not allowed. All medication will be considered

a controlled substance. Please contact the office if your student needs medication between 8:30AM -12:40PM.

Student Parking: Student parking is allowed in the lower lot near the field.

Parking privileges will be suspended and/or citations will be issued by the Benicia Police Department for hazardous driving or
illegal parking. Students may not go to their vehicles during the instructional day.

Students must have a summer school technology agreement signed by student and parent on file to use

computers/computer lab at BHS.