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Benicia High School Enrollment Instructions

The school enrollment process involves a number of steps and requires that various documents be presented.
Steps 1 through 5 in the process must be completed before a student is considered “fully enrolled”.
Call 707-748-2754 to make an enrollment appointment once all of the documents have been collected.
Enrollments will not be done on a walk in basis.

Step 1: Student Documents


One of the following is required to verify age and identity of the student:

  • Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate: Original and Certified

IMMUNIZATION RECORDS/Completion of Ca. Sch. Immun. Record:

Upon entrance to the district, every student must have an up-to-date immunization record supported by written documentation from a physician. Children lacking one or more required vaccine doses but not currently due for a dose may be admitted conditionally. Documentation that remaining doses have been received will be required. If all conditions are not met, then students will be excluded from school attendance.

Step 2: Residency Documents

VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCY in the Benicia Unified School District:

State law requires that public schools verify student residence. Board Policy number 5111, 5111.1, and 5111.2 of the Benicia Unified School District and Education Code 48204.6 provide that evidence of residency be submitted for each student desiring to attend schools within the district.

As evidence of residency within the Benicia Unified School District, you must provide a document from each category below. At a minimum, three documents will be required: These must be originals, the clerk will make a copy and sticky notes or marker can be used to cover private information, such as price or other financial information. 

Category 1: Provide ONE of the following:

  • Current passport
  • Current Drivers License
  • Current CA ID
  • Current Military ID

(ID showing current Benicia Address, may have 30 days if just recently moved)

Category 2: Provide ONE of the following

  • Grant Deed/Mortgage Coupon to property of residence with imprinted parent name and address
  • Current property tax bill with imprinted parent/guardian name and address
  • Rental/Lease Agreement (must be an original and Manager cannot be a relative)

Rental/Lease Agreement should include the following information:

Parent/Guardian name (s)
Indication that children will reside (names or number of children)
Manager or owner’s name and phone number

Category 3: Provide ONE item from the following list

  • State or Federal Tax return with current imprinted label with parent/guardian name and address filed within the past 12 months with W-2 form attached
  • Payroll check stub with imprinted name and address of parent/guardian
  • Other form of identification or correspondence from a government agency or utility company

NOTE: Unannounced home visitations by a district residency verification officer may be conducted on an on-going basis during the student’s attendance in BUSD schools. If the Superintendent or designee, upon investigation, has determined that a student’s enrollment is based on false evidence, he/she shall revoke the student’s enrollment. The District may request verification of residency at any time.

Step 3: Academic Documents

  • Recent High School Transcript(current high school students) or Report Card (students entering high school for the first time)*
  • Transfer Grades (only if enrollment is mid-semester)
  • IEP or Special Education Documents (if applicable)
  • Attendance Records
  • Discipline Records (or letter stating there are no issues)
  • Paper copy of CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) Results (10-12 grade students)

 *You must bring a recent high school transcript OR recent report card with you to the enrollment appointment. Please do not rely on the student’s previous school to get the documents to us.