Summer school is geared for those individuals who are seeking credit recovery in order to graduate.  If you are a student who received a failing grade, you can fill out the form to apply for Summer School.

*The only exception is Body Conditioning course which any student may take.  This course will be offered at a separate location than Liberty High School.

Classes will be held at the Liberty High School campus this summer.

Students may enroll in a maximum of two classes.  (one can be taken via “online learning”)  Courses will be offered pending sufficient enrollment and is first come first served.

Summer School dates:  June 14-July 13
No School July 3-4

Attendance Policy:  There are no excused or pre-planned absences.  Because of the short duration of summer school and state mandated policy, students cannot be absent for more than two days.  Students who miss more than two days of summer school will be dropped from the class without credit.

You will receive confirmation that we have received your application within 5 school days , and on June 9th we will inform you of of the classes that you are enrolled in for both summer school and online learning.

If you have further questions you may contact:

Summer School Form

Student ID – Summer School Class
Listed in Numerical Order
If your child’s ID isn’t listed please contact

10266-Eng 9/10 14684-Body Conditioning 56901-Physical Science
10357-Physical Science 14716-Body Conditioning 56917-Eng 9/10
10545-Body Conditioning 14751-Biology 56976-Body Conditioning
10592-Eng 9/10 14887-Online 56992-Online
10679-Body Conditioning 14889-Biology 57030-Online
10810-Body Conditioning 14893-World Civilization 57060-Body Conditioning
10848-Don’t Need 14910-Physical Science 57131-Body Conditioning
10859-Int Math 1 14948-Online 57146-Int Math 1
11329-Int Math 1 14965-Int Math 1 57251-Int Math 1
11345-Physical Science 14990-Body Conditioning 57384-Online
11368-World Civilization 15002-Don’t Need 57395-Body Conditioning
11412-Online 15041-Body Conditioning 57448-World Civilization
11435-Online 15087-Online 57508-Online
11479-Eng 9/10 15150-Online 57721-World Civilization
11483-Physical Science 15176-Physical Science 57785-Eng 9/10
11552-Physical Science 15186-Int Math 1 57817-World Civilization
11557-Int Math 1 15191-Int Math 1 57820-Physical Science
11579-Biology 15192-Eng 9/10 57821-Biology
11607-Eng 9/10 15196-Int Math 1 57865-Biology
11658-Physical Science 15274-Don’t Need 57943-Don’t Need
11985-Body Conditioning 15311-World Civilization 57978-Biology
11986-Body Conditioning 15327-Eng 9/10 57979-Physical Science
12043-Physical Science 15389-Body Conditioning 58004-Physical Science
12137-Online 15427-World Civilization 58007-Int Math 1
12182-Eng 9/10 15538-Body Conditioning 58013-World Civilization
12197-World Civilization 15556-Int Math 1 58015-Eng 9/10
12240-Online 15750-Online 58037-World Civilization
12241-Online 15752-Int Math 1 58091-World Civilization
12387-Int Math 1 15771-Physical Science 58095-World Civilization
12486-Online 15786-Biology 58223-Physical Science
12886-Physical Science 15803-Body Conditioning 58234-Eng 9/10
12966-Online 15890-World Civilization 58263-World Civilization
13005-Body Conditioning 15916-Online 58296-Biology
13016-Int Math 1 15931-Don’t Need 58302-World Civilization
13019-Online 15957-Eng 9/10 58371-World Civilization
13026-Int Math 1 15990-Don’t Need 58385-Biology
13031-Eng 9/10 15994-Eng 9/10 58392-World Civilization
13037-Biology 16026-Online 58403-Online
13057-Online 16302-Physical Science 58470-Biology
13105-Eng 9/10 16335-Eng 9/10 58479-Biology
13110-Online 16643-Physical Science 58483-Int Math 1
13123-World Civilization 16768-Body Conditioning 58559-Body Conditioning
13127-Int Math 1 16775-Int Math 1 58574-World Civilization
13138-World Civilization 16787-Physical Science 58580-World Civilization
13196-Biology 16789-Physical Science 58652-Body Conditioning
13287-Eng 9/10 16826-Body Conditioning 58657-Int Math 1
13310-Eng 9/10 16827-Online 58672-Body Conditioning
13311-Eng 9/10 16833-Int Math 1 58742-Physical Science
13387-Int Math 1 16903-Int Math 1 58813-Int Math 1
13442-World Civilization 16914-Online 58870-Online
13524-Physical Science 16932-Online 58905-Eng 9/10
13648-Biology 16935-World Civilization 58932-Online
13656-Biology 16952-Physical Science 58934-World Civilization
13756-Online 16975-Int Math 1 59166-Eng 9/10
13788-Eng 9/10 16984-Physical Science 59183-Biology
13789-Physical Science 17018-Physical Science 59255-Don’t Need
13790-Eng 9/10 17028-Online 59262-Body Conditioning
13796-Biology 17205-Int Math 1 59267-Online
13894-Eng 9/10 17237-Eng 9/10 59277-Eng 9/10
13920-Biology 17433-Body Conditioning 59290-Online
13930-World Civilization 17565-Online 59346-Int Math 1
13972-Biology 55370-Online 59351-Body Conditioning
13997-World Civilization 56001-Biology 59605-World Civilization
14039-Don’t Need 56077-Online 59610-Int Math 1
14476-Biology 56137-Physical Science 59645-Body Conditioning
14534-Online 56189-Online 59756-Body Conditioning
14587-Biology 56208-Online 59763-Online
14638-World Civilization 56894-Body Conditioning 59808-Body Conditioning
89057-Eng 9/10
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