Leadership is a fun class for those students who like to be involved in school activities and helping at school functions.  It is a SERVICE class. 

If you are only applying to Leadership because you want it on your college transcript, then read no further.  
You will not be successful, you will not enjoy the class, and the other students who are involved will resent your lack of enthusiasm and commitment.

There is always room for new students who have not been previously involved.  Leadership is looking for students with good ideas, lots of energy, enthusiasm, and a strong desire to help make Benicia High School a better place, as well as reach out to our community to help others.

Leadership requires community service, mostly at school, but some within the community itself.  You are expected to work a minimum of 50 hours above and beyond the school day during the first semester and 50 hours during the second semester.  This does not include the work that you do for your specific class (i.e. hours at homecoming) or club.  However, most students can easily do this and there are a variety of ways to serve.  As a member of Leadership, you will be required to maintain a certain grade point average, maintain a satisfactory citizenship grade, and meet the required expectations of the class as well as the office you represent.  Your peers and teachers will also evaluate you.  It takes hard work and dedication, but these goals are easy to accomplish if you enjoy what you are doing.


You and your parents need to realize that being a member of Leadership is very important.  It is time consuming and is a major responsibility in terms of school functions.  Many demands are placed on both members and parents, and it is important that both the student and parent are aware of this.  Your parents must sign your application which indicates that they have read this application letter and approve of your participation should you be elected, or appointed.

You must be academically eligible at this time to apply for Leadership.  You must continue to remain academically eligible to remain in the class.

Poor attendance may prohibit you from applying for office.  Officers are expected to be good role models throughout the year.

If a teacher feels that you should not represent this school, then this issue will be investigated and you may not be allowed to apply for office.

Leadership meets 4th period only. To be an officer, you must be enrolled in Leadership class.  You may need to enroll in an early bird class and/or your current elective may need to be dropped.

Attitude, attendance, grades, dedication, and discipline are very important qualities of a good leader.  If you have such qualities, or wish to improve upon them, then apply! We need you!

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