Policies and Procedures

Downloadable Copy of Policies & Procedures
Academic Eligibility/Probation

Academic Eligibility   

 The Benicia High School staff, administration, & BUSD School Board encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities while maintaining good scholastic habits. Extracurricular activities help students learn the values of leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, and thus help them become better citizens. Academic eligibility covers the following activities:

  • Athletics
  • Band
  • Dances
  • Prom
  • Drama Productions
  • Senior sponsored activities.

The review periods for eligibility are:

  • 1st Quarter
  • 1st Semester
  • 3rd Quarter
  • 2nd Semester

 2nd Semester grades apply to the eligibility determination for the first quarter of the following school year. Summer school can provide an opportunity for students to clear their eligibility.

Academic Probation

Participation in extracurricular activities requires a minimum GPA 2.0. Students who fall below a 2.0 GPA are placed on probation. Students on academic probation have one (1) quarter to meet the minimum grade point requirement for participation in extracurricular activities. Students on probation may still participate in extracurricular activities.

NOTE:  Students who do not pass 4 classes/20 credits at any given time will automatically advance to Ineligible status, regardless of overall GPA. There is no probationary period for this violation.


If a student has been placed on probation and they again earn below a 2.0 GPA or do not pass 4 classes/20 credits in the next grading period, they will be placed on the Academically “Ineligible” list. Students who do not pass 4 classes/20 credits at any given time will automatically advance to Ineligible status, regardless of overall GPA. There is no probationary period for this violation.

Students on the “Ineligible” list may not participate in extracurricular activities for the rest of that quarter.  Eligibility will be reinstated at the review period if the students’ GPA reaches a 2.0 or above and they passed a minimum of 4 classes/20 credits.

 Incoming Freshman & Transfer Student Eligibility

As of the first day of school, all incoming freshman with GPA’s less than 2.0 from their previous school are placed on academic probation for one quarter and will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. The eligibility of any transfer student will be based on his/her most recent grade report. Transferring from one school to another may affect athletic eligibility under Sac­Joaquin Section, CIF and/or State CIF rules. Please contact BHS Athletic Director Craig Holden for information regarding this rule at (707) 747­-8325.

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) standard for athletic eligibility states that a student must pass 4 classes and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Therefore, a student who fails three or more classes of a six period schedule at the quarter or semester is ineligible to participate and has NO probationary period.

Academic Dishonesty


 Academic dishonesty is using a person’s work, concepts, designs, data, ideas, research, or documentation without giving proper credit to the source. It goes beyond plagiarism to also include lying, cheating, using or providing unauthorized materials in preparation for an exam/test, or using or providing unauthorized materials during an exam/test/quiz, and other acts, such as the theft of falsification of records and files. The district considers violations of this nature to be serious offenses and has the following consequences.

 First Offense – The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. Parents will be contacted for a meeting and-and four detentions will be issued.

 Second Offense  – The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. There will a drop of one letter grade for the semester.  Four detentions will be issued.

Third Offense  – The student will receive an “F” grade/zero credit on the assignment, exam, test or quiz based on the teacher’s grading system. The student will be dropped from the class for the semester and will receive an F as their semester grade.  Four detentions will be issued.

Attendance Policy


 Benicia High receives funding only when students are present in school. Students are expected to be in class on time and attend all classes daily. Excused absences include:

  •  illness
  • medical/dental/therapy appointments
  • death in the immediate family
  • absence/quarantine exclusion directed by a health officer
  • jury duty

Vacations and trips out of town are not excused.

All absences must be cleared with a written note or telephone call within 72 hours to the attendance office. If your student’s absence is not cleared within this time, it will roll into a cut and the student will be assigned detention.

The administration requests your assistance with scheduling appointments and meetings involving students outside school hours. Students leaving campus or returning to campus must check out/in through the attendance office. Students leaving campus without approval through the attendance office will be issued detention(s).

Students absent on the day of a school activity may not attend or participate in such activity unless the Principal verifies the absence as an emergency. A student absent on Friday may not participate in school­sponsored weekend activities.

  • Attendance telephone number is 747­-8325.
  • Absences must be cleared within 72 hours.
  • Detention will be issued to students leaving campus without permission.

Students are required by law to attend school every day (Education Code 48260)



 When bullying or harassment occurs on campus, students are to see their counselor or an administrator right away to fill out our district approved bully report form. Reporters reserve the right to remain anonymous. All reports will be handled promptly while still respecting the wishes of the victim. Due to the delicate nature of bullying, we will handle all situations on an individual basis. Consequences for such behavior are confidential, progressive, and determined based on factual information.

there has been an enormous increase in students (and parents) using the social network scene to make inappropriate, offensive, or threatening comments to others. When cyber­bullying occurs it is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to seek police guidance. As a school, we will work with the police to suspend, expel, and arrest students who engage in bullying and cyber­bullying. This is a serious concern and we want you to be aware that we take this issue seriously and will do what we can in partnership with the BPD, you, and the students involved. It is best to have physical evidence, so immediately print screen, save texts, and forward emails, etc.

Bullying in any form is never acceptable

Common Planning Time


 Benicia High incorporates common planning time (CPT) days into the schedule. There are 16 CPT days during the year and they occur roughly every other Friday. A CPT day is from 8:00-­1:20 pm. These days are

September 2 – Rally                October 28                  January 13                    March 3             May 12              
September 16                         November 18               January 27 – Rally       March 17          June 2 – Rally                 
September 30  Min                December 2                  February 10                  March 24                                      
October 14 – Rally                 December 16                February 17 – Min       April 7 – Rally    

Dance Memorandum


 In order to promote a healthy, safe, enjoyable evening for all students, the following procedures will be in place for dances at Benicia High School. All parents, students, and guests must read, understand, and sign a form agreeing to adhere to the following procedures. Benicia High School encourages families to discuss these rules together prior to the dance.

 1.      All BHS and Benicia Unified District policies apply, including dress code.

 2.      All guests must be under the age of 21 and middle school students may not attend. ALL Benicia High School students and their guests must complete the guest memorandum and are required to abide by all school rules and terms of the memorandum. Guests are required to submit a copy of their photo ID and are subject to administrative approval.  

 3.      All Benicia High School students must present their BHS student identification cards when they enter. All guests must present photo identification to enter.

 4.      The homecoming dance will begin at 8 p.m. and end at 11:00 p.m. NO STUDENTS will be admitted after 9:30 p.m. The prom will begin at 8 p.m. and end at 12:00 p.m. NO STUDENTS will be admitted after 9:00 p.m. All students must attend school on the day of any dance.

 5.      Once you enter the dance, you must remain in the building until you are ready to leave for the evening. When leaving, you must leave the facility grounds and may not return. No loitering is allowed in the parking lot or on school grounds.

 6.      Students who do not drive themselves to the dance must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the end of the dance.

 7.      Students who dance in an inappropriate lewd and lascivious dancing manner such as “freaking” will be asked to leave the dance and will not receive a refund of the admission fee, nor will they be eligible to attend the next school dance.   Anyone exhibiting disruptive behavior will be removed from the dance, parents will be notified and NO refunds will be given.  Appropriate dancing is up to the discretion of the chaperones and will not be debated! Parents will be notified if the students have been asked to leave the dance.  For safety reasons dancers need to avoid excessive crowding together in the center of the dance floor. 

10.  Do not leave valuables unattended anywhere at the dance.  BHS is not responsible for any items lost or stolen at the event.  There is a coat check provided for everyone.

11.  All dances are tobacco, alcohol and controlled substance­free activities. Random breathalyzer checks will be administered upon admittance to the facility. If a student is found to be under the influence, a parent will be contacted to take custody of his/her student. If the school is unable to contact a parent the student will be placed under the custody of the Benicia Police Department.

 Non­student guests found to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will be placed under the custody of the Benicia Police Department.

12.  Dress requirements may be found listed on the school website, posted around campus, announced in the student announcements and available in the main office. The dress requirements will be enforced at the door.

When in doubt, ask an administrator prior to the day of the dance.


Dress Standards for Men:

A.                 Pants must be worn appropriately. No sagging
B.                 Shirts must remain on and tucked in for the entire dance.
C.                 No bandanas, chains, or canes

Dress Standards for Women:

A.                 Dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
B.                 Bare midriffs and plunging necklines are not allowed.
C.                 The back of the dress may not be lower than the natural waistline.
D.                No see­-through material which exposes thighs, excessive cleavage, or midriff.
E.                 Slits may not be higher than mid-thigh.

 Understand that dances are a school ­related event, and all school rules apply. You will abide by the dance behavior rules set forth in this memorandum including the dress code and dance rules. Remain tobacco, drug, and alcohol­free for this event. Failure to comply with these rules may result in my ineligibility for all co­curricular and extracurricular activities including athletics, as well as suspension and possible expulsion

 As a parent/guardian, understand that if your child is removed from the dance for any reason, it is your responsibility to pick them up from the dance. In addition, you agree to the school rules and the rules set forth in this dance memorandum and support the school and dance policies.



 To better acquaint you to the Benicia High School rules, please thoroughly read the Discipline Grid listed under Parent Resources on the website. In general, discipline often has a few different levels. When a situation occurs with a student, depending on the severity, you will be contacted by the teacher or staff member involved. Teachers are encouraged to call or email parents at the first sign of something in order to “nip it in the bud.” It is not uncommon for teachers to give students several warnings and/or opportunities to correct their behavior before they first contact a parent.

 Sometimes there are behaviors that are relatively minor yet disruptive enough to the teaching environment where the teacher may send the student out of the class just for that period of that day. Students get escorted by a campus supervisor to Room A103 which is referred to as Isolated Classroom Environment (ICE). While in ICE, students are to do school work or read. They may not talk, use their phone or sleep. Teachers have the right to assign detentions for certain infractions they feel are disruptive or detrimental to student progress such as: not doing homework, putting their head down, not having materials, etc. If the behavior is severe, a referral will be written for that student and will be handled by an administrator. The administration reserves the right to use their discretion when assigning consequences for breaking school rules.

Please see the Discipline Grid for more detailed information.

DISCIPLINE WHILE OFF CAMPUS –  In the event a student violates a school rule while off campus participating in a school-sponsored event, the parent will be contacted as soon as possible.  The student will either be transported back by the school if the situation is deemed safe for everyone, or in the event the student needs a different type of transportation, the parent will be requested to pick up the student. Any expenses related to this will be the responsibility of the parent.  The student, parent and an administrator will meet the following school day to discuss consequences.

Dress Code


The expression of a student’s uniqueness and individuality by means of dress is sanctioned as being consistent with stated purposes of the school. It is recognized that the school and the parents share a responsibility for teaching students the appropriateness of dress. Any clothing or accessories that are deemed inappropriate for an educational environment are prohibited in order to provide a college and career preparatory environment. As it is the belief of Benicia High School that appropriate student attire is important, the following rules will be enforced during school hours, after school while on campus and during school sponsored events.

❒  All clothing and accessories should be appropriate for school.  Administrative discretion can be used at any time to determine the appropriateness of clothing.      

❒  Any clothing that exposes undergarments is not allowed.

❒  No bare feet. Shoes must be worn at all times.

❒  Articles of clothing which display profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or any other questionable printing; slogans which promote or reference tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence or sex, or interfere with the educational process, are not allowed.

❒  No strapless tops or tops/shirts that do not cover midriff or chest area.  The chest area is considered from the armpits down.

❒  No sheer or see-through tops without an appropriate length top underneath.

❒  Shorts, skirts and dresses cannot be excessively short and should reach mid-thigh.

❒  All pants must be secure at the waist, no sagging pants.         

❒  No bandanas, grills (dental coverings), hairnets, doo rags, skull caps, nets, nylon headgear or gang identified symbols are to be worn.

❒  Removal of shirts/tops is not permitted at any time, including at athletic practices and events.

❒  Students are required to wear t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes for Physical Education classes.


First Offense ~ The item not following the dress code will be confiscated, the student will change into other clothing provided, and the item will be returned at the end of the day.  

Second Offense ~ Results in the item being confiscated, student to change into other clothing provided, the item returned to the parent/guardian, and one after school detention.  

Third Offense ~ Results in 1-5 days suspension due to defiance, as well as the item being confiscated, change into other clothing provided, and the item returned to the parent or guardian.

Electronics/Cell Phone Use


Cell phones/electronic devices may serve as an outstanding instructional tool and learning resource if used appropriately. We encourage our staff members and our students to use electronics and other 21st century devices to supplement instruction and learning.  In order to preserve the teaching and learning environment, this document is to clarify the cell phone/electronic devices policy for Benicia High School. The policy is:

❒ Cell phones/electronic devices may only be used for educational purposes in the classroom setting. If a student wishes to use their device for non-educational purposes, they may do so before the morning bell rings, during passing periods, snack, lunch, and after school.

❒ Cell phones/electronic devices must have sound turned OFF before entering any classroom, office, library, locker room, lab, and/or theater.

❒ Once inside any of the aforementioned locations, students must store their cell phones/electronic devices in a location that is not visible to the teacher or other students. Students may use the device with teacher approval.  

❒ If a cell phone/electronic device rings, vibrates, or is used for any reason without teacher permission,  or is visible anytime during class time, or if you are caught using it on campus during class time, a staff member may confiscate the device.

❒ Refusal to surrender your phone when asked is considered defiance. Defiance may result in disciplinary consequences, including suspension. Parents will be contacted.


First Offense ~ The device will be held in the Administration office until the end of the school day and a lunch or after school detention will be issued. Students may pick up their phone at the end of the school day.

Second Offense ~ The device will remain in the main office until the end of the school day. The student will be issued a CPT Detention. Parent will contacted for phone pick up.

Third Offense ~ The device will remain in the main office for the remainder of the week. The student will serve an in-house suspension.  Phone may only be picked up by a parent.

The staff of Benicia High requests your FULL co-operation with our policy.

You can contact your child via their cell phone during snack and lunch. In the event of an immediate emergency, please call the main school line at 747-8325.  We ask that you do NOT call or text your student during class time as this is a disruption to instruction.

BHS is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen phones.

Locker Use


 Lockers are issued by the front office for temporary storage of books and personal items. It is suggested that students take books and valuable items home at night and on weekends. All items placed in lockers are your responsibility. Should theft or vandalism occur, students will be fined for any damaged, destroyed or lost books. All lockers must be emptied before the last day of school and text books returned to teachers. Belongings left in lockers at the end of the school year will be donated to charity. Benicia High School assumes no responsibility for losses.

Medical Guidelines


All medications (prescriptions or over the counter) must be authorized by a licensed physician, dentist, optometrist, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, as evidenced by completion of the school medication authorization form. This applies even if the medication is to be given for a temporary period of time, such as antibiotics.

Medication authorization forms are good for only one school year and must be renewed at the beginning of each new school year. Schools may accept faxed copies by the physician, which a parent must still sign.

Medication for students in regular education classes must be stored in a locked cabinet in the health office.

All medications must come in the original prescription container, including over the counter. You can request two containers from your pharmacy, one for home and one for school.

Under certain circumstances students may need to carry emergency medication (such as asthma inhalers, insulin or severe allergic reaction kit epi­pens). Students who self­administer medications must have it clearly stated on their medication authorization form by the physician that they have permission to do so, and must successfully demonstrate self­administration of the medicine to the school nurse.

When medication or dosage changes, the parent must have the physician call or fax the school nurse with any changes. If the medication changes, the container label must also be changed or updated via the pharmacy or physician’s office. A new medication log is not needed; there are designated places for medication changes on the standardized form.

A medication log must be kept for any student administered medication while at school. BUSD has a standardized form that all schools must use to stay in compliance with state guidelines (see attached form.) This log documents all medications administered and serves as protection for both the district and the student.

Medications may be administered only by a licensed school nurse, or appointed designated employee who may assist with medication administration. The unlicensed staff member assisting with medication administration is supervised by the licensed health care professional. The unlicensed staff member does not administer medications that must be administered by injection, medications that have potential immediate severe adverse reactions, or medications that require a nursing assessment or dosage adjustment before administration, except for emergency medications as allowed by law.

The unlicensed staff member designated to administer life­sustaining emergency medication as allowed by California law (i.e. epi­pen or glucagon) receives training and maintains current certification in CPR.

School personnel are not permitted to give Tylenol, aspirin, or any over the counter medicines (even at parent request) without a completed medical authorization form.

Parents or designated adults may come to school to administer medications without a medical authorization, but if done on a daily basis, administration must be during a break time such as lunch, recess or snack time.

Students may be assisted in all care of diabetes except for giving insulin injections, which must be done by the student, school nurse, and parent or designated representative during school hours. The school nurse will be notified when a diabetic student needs assistance with insulin administration.

Medical - Epi Pen Info

California law now requires all public schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors (epiPens) in the event an undiagnosed anaphylactic reaction were to occur in a student or staff member while on a school campus.  BUSD has epiPens at all school sites in our district.  SB 1266, states that school nurses or trained school personnel may administer an epiPen to a student who is suffering, or reasonably believed to be suffering from an anaphylactic reaction. Students with a “known” allergy diagnosis potentially requiring an epiPen are still required to bring a physician signed medical authorization and epi-pen to school at the beginning of each school year.



 All grades are reported online through our grading and information system, PowerSchool. Parents and students are issued different user names and passwords. You can log on at http://www.psbusd.org. Do not share your user name or password with anyone. Students and parents can check grades, assignments, and attendance. If you need log on information, please contact BHS Counseling Department or the Main Office for assistance. Parents should check Power School frequently to help monitor student progress. Your username and password do not change from year to year. 

Social Probation


 Students who break certain school rules that result in suspension or have chronic attendance and/or tardies may be placed on social probation. If placed on social probation, the student may not participate in any extracurricular activities or attend any school events such as rallies, dances, sports, field trips or performing arts events. The first offense is 30 school days, the second offense is 60 school days and third offense is 90 school days. For more information on what infractions result in social probation, please consult the Discipline Grid.

Technology Agreement

Responsible Use Guidelines for Technology

Benicia Unified School District makes a variety of communications and information technologies available to students through computer/network/internet access. These technologies, when properly used, promote educational excellence in the District by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. Illegal, unethical, or inappropriate use of these technologies can have dramatic consequences, harming the District, its students, and its employees. These Responsible Use Guidelines are intended to minimize the likelihood of such harm by educating students, as well as setting standards which will serve to protect the District and the students we serve. The District firmly believes that digital resources, information, and interactions available on the computer/network/Internet far outweigh any disadvantages.

Mandatory Review​­ The District requires legal, ethical, and appropriate computer/network/Internet use. To educate students on proper use and conduct, students and parents/legal guardians are required to review these guidelines at the beginning of each school year and acknowledge understanding of the guidelines. In addition, Responsible Use Guidelines for Technology are part of the Student Code of Conduct handbooks.

Student Access/Student Safety ​­ Access to the District’s electronic communications system, including the Internet, is made available to students for instructional purposes and to enhance learning consistent with the District’s educational goals. Access to the District’s computer/network/Internet is a privilege, not a right. The BUSD network has filtering software that blocks access to inappropriate or harmful material and images as defined by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Internet access is provided to all students unless parents or legal guardians request in writing that access be denied. Parents/legal guardians who do not want their students to have access to the Internet may “Opt­Out” by checking the appropriate field during the annual update process.

Google Apps for Education​­ Students at all grade levels will have access to Google Apps for Education, Google Apps for Education is a suite of web­-based programs that includes email, document creation, a shared calendar, collaboration, and assessment tools.

 Student Email Accounts​­ Electronic communication is an important skill for 21st Century students. Email and other digital tools, such as blogs and wikis, are tools used to communicate within the District and beyond. BUSD students will be issued email accounts with access differentiated by grade level:

·         Grades 9­-12:​Email for open use on the Internet. This type of email account can be used to exchange email with any email account anywhere. District spam filters are in place, but as with commercial email providers, these filters are not 100% preventative.

·         Grades 6­-8​: Email for District Internal Use Only. To ensure student safety and compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) law, these accounts can only be used to exchange email within our district @students.beniciaunified.org or @beniciaunified.org domains. In other words, email with district students and staff only.

·         Grades K-­5​: Email accounts for District Internal Use Only, are issued on request by the students’ teacher.

All student email accounts are set up with the student’s user ID and are available while they are currently enrolled in the District. Students whose parents/legal guardians choose to Opt­Out of Internet access will not be issued an email account.

Subject to Monitoring​­ District computer/network/Internet usage shall not be considered confidential and is subject to monitoring by designated staff at any time to ensure appropriate use. Students should not use the District network to send, receive, or store any information, including email messages that they consider personal or confidential and wish to keep private. All electronic files, including email messages, transmitted through or stored in the District network system will be treated no differently than any other electronic file. The District reserves the right to access, review, copy, modify, delete, or disclose such files for any purpose.

Student Code of Conduct and Computer/Network/Internet Responsibilities ­ ​District students are bound by all portions of the Responsible Use Guidelines. A student who knowingly violates any portion of the Responsible Use Guidelines will be subject to suspension of access and/or revocation of privileges on the District’s system, and will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Board approved policy.

Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct

Use of Social Networking/Digital Tools​­ Students may participate in District­approved social media learning environments related to curricular projects or school activities and use digital tools, such as, but not limited to, blogs, discussion forums, RSS feeds, podcasts, chats, wikis, and online meeting sessions. The use of blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other digital tools are considered an extension of the classroom. Verbal or written language that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is also inappropriate in all uses of blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other District­approved digital tools. Pictures, videos, and photos should not be placed on Internet sites in an unrestricted manner. “Private” videos can be shared with specific family members and friends and should not be available to all Internet users.

Security​­ Students are required to maintain password confidentiality by not sharing their password with others. Students may not use another person’s system account. A student who gains access to any inappropriate or harmful material is expected to discontinue the access and to report the incident to the supervising staff member. The security problem should not be shared with others. Any student identified as a security risk or as having violated the Responsible Use Guidelines may be denied access to the District’s system and other consequences may also be assigned. A student who knowingly brings prohibited materials into the school’s electronic environment will be subject to suspension of access and/or revocation of privileges on the District’s system and will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Board­approved policy.

Use of Personal Telecommunication Devices (BYOD)​­ The District’s goal is to increase student access to digital tools and facilitate immediate access to technology­-based information. To this end, some schools will allow students to connect privately­-owned (personal) telecommunication devices to the District wireless network. Students using personal telecommunication devices must follow the guidelines stated in this document while on school property, attending any school­-sponsored activity, or using the BUSD network. Internet access is filtered by the District on personal telecommunication devices in the same manner as District-­owned equipment. If network access is needed, connection to the filtered, wireless network provided by the District is required.

Personally­-owned devices are the sole responsibility of the student owner. The campus or District assumes no responsibility for personal telecommunication devices if they are lost, loaned, damaged or stolen, and only limited time or resources will be spent trying to locate stolen or lost items. These devices have educational and monetary value. Students are prohibited from trading or selling these items to other students on District property, including school vans. Each student is responsible for his/her own device: set­up, maintenance, charging, and security. Staff members will not store student devices at any time, nor will any District staff diagnose, repair, or work on a student’s personal telecommunication device. Telecommunication devices will not be used as a factor in grading or assessing student work. Students who do not have access to personal telecommunication devices will be provided with comparable District-­owned equipment or given similar assignments that do not require access to electronic devices. Telecommunication devices are only to be used for educational purposes at the direction of a classroom teacher or as stated for specific age groups. Campus administrators and staff members have the right to prohibit use of devices at certain times or during designated activities (i.e. campus presentations, theatrical performances, or guest speakers) that occur during the school day.

Inappropriate Use

 Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, those uses that violate the law, that are specifically named as violations in this document, that violate the rules of network etiquette, or that hamper the integrity or security of the BUSD computer/network/Internet system or any components that are connected to it. The following actions are considered inappropriate uses, are prohibited, and will result in revocation of the student’s access to the computer/network/Internet as well as disciplinary action in accordance with the Board­approved policy.

 Violations of Law. Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or state law is prohibited Any attempt to break the law through the use of a District computer/network/Internet account may result in prosecution against the offender by the proper authorities.. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene material;
  • copyrighted material;
  • plagiarized material;
  • material protected by trade secret; orblog posts, Web posts, or discussion forum/replies posted to the Internet which violate federal or state law.

Tampering/Modifying Equipment-Tampering with or theft of components from District systems may be regarded as criminal activity under applicable state and federal laws. Modification of computer or network, modifying or changing computer settings and/or internal or external configurations without appropriate permission is prohibited.

Transmitting Confidential Information ­ ​Students may not redistribute or forward confidential information without proper authorization. Confidential information should never be transmitted, redistributed, or forwarded to outside individuals who are not expressly authorized to receive the information. Revealing personal information about oneself or of others such as, but not limited to, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates is prohibited. Commercial use of the system for any type of income­generating activity is prohibited. Advertising the sale of products, whether commercial or personal, is prohibited.

Marketing by Non­BUSD Organizations ­ ​Use of the system for promoting activities or events for individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with or sanctioned by the District is prohibited.

Vandalism/Mischief ­ ​Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy District equipment, materials or data, or the malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user of the District’s system, or any of the agencies or other networks to which the District has access is prohibited. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance are violations of District policy and administrative regulations and may constitute criminal activity under applicable state and federal laws. Such prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creating of computer viruses.

Vandalism as defined above is prohibited and will result in the cancellation of system use privileges. Students committing vandalism will be required to provide restitution for costs associated with system restoration and may be subject to other appropriate consequences.

Impersonation​­ Attempts to log on to the computer/network/Internet impersonating a system administrator or District employee, student, or individual other than oneself, will result in revocation of the student’s access to computer/network/Internet.

Illegally Accessing or Hacking Violations​­ Intentional or unauthorized access or attempted access of any portion of the District’s computer systems, networks, or private databases to view, obtain, manipulate, or transmit information, programs, or codes is prohibited.

File/Data Violations– Deleting, examining, copying, or modifying files and/or data belonging to other users, without their permission is prohibited.

System Interference/Alteration​­ Deliberate attempts to exceed, evade or change resource quotas are prohibited. The deliberate causing of network congestion through mass consumption of system resources is prohibited.

Consequences of Agreement Violation​­ Any attempt to violate the provisions of this agreement may result in revocation of the student’s access to the computer/network/Internet, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt. In addition, school disciplinary and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

Denial, Revocation, or Suspension of Access Privileges ​­ With just cause, the System Administrator and/or building principal, may deny, revoke, or suspend computer/network/Internet access as required, pending an investigation.

Student Safety/Internet Content/Third­Party Supplied Information ­ ​Students and parents or legal guardians of students with access to the District’s system should be aware that use of the system may provide access to other electronic communication systems in the global electronic network that may contain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or controversial. Each District computer with Internet access has filtering software that blocks access to visual depictions that are obscene, pornographic, inappropriate for students, or harmful to minors, as defined by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The District makes every effort to limit access to objectionable material; however, controlling all such materials on the computer/network/Internet is impossible, even with filtering in place. With global access to computers and people, a risk exists that students may access material that may not be of educational value in the school setting.


 The District’s system is provided on an “as is, as available” basis. The District does not make any warranties, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any services provided by the system and any information or software contained therein. The District does not guarantee that the functions or services performed by, or that the information or software contained on the system will meet the system user’s requirements, or that the system will be uninterrupted or error free, or that defects will be corrected.

 Opinions, advice, services, and all other information expressed by system users, information providers, service providers, or other third­party individuals in the system are those of the providers and not the District.

 The District will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to misuse of the District’s electronic communications system.

ADA Accessible Website Initiative

The Benicia Unified School District is committed to providing accessibility for all. If you experience difficulty with the accessibility of any web pages or documents on our site, please contact us to request this information in an alternative format.
BUSD does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.
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