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Site Council

BHS Site Council
The school Site Council is made up of teachers, parents, and a student representative from each grade that work with the Principal to develop, review and evaluate, and advise on school improvement programs and school budgets. The California Education Code requires the school site council to develop a Single Plan for Student Achievement. The purpose of this plan is to create goals and a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance, and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching academic standards set by the State Board of Education. The BHS Site Council considers the goals of the school, and works with the Principal to evaluate the school’s progress toward those goals through school test scores, attendance and discipline records, parent surveys and input from students.

Organization of the Site Council

Composition of the secondary school site council is as per California Education Code as follows:

  • The school site council shall be composed of the principal and representatives of: teachers selected by teachers at the school; other school personnel selected by other school personnel at the school; parents of students attending the school selected by such parents; and students selected by students attending the school.
  •  The school site council shall be constituted to ensure parity between (a) the principal, classroom teachers, and other school personnel, and (b) equal numbers of parents or other community members selected by parents, and students.
  • Classroom teachers shall comprise the majority of persons represented.

The means of selecting school site council members are not specified in law, except that members must be chosen by peers. No additional membership qualifications may be required. Beyond the composition requirements stated above, no seat on the school site council may be reserved for any group or individual.

Meeting Dates for 2022-2023 School Year