We are continuing to adhere to the CDPH guidelines, which includes the mandate to wear masks indoors at any of our school sites or facilities.

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Student drivers are expected to park on campus and to have a visible parking pass in/on their vehicle. We ask that students do not park on surrounding streets so that we can be considerate of our neighbors.

Student Parking Passes are FREE this year, but students must register using the link below. Once a student has submitted the registration information needed, the information will be reviewed and a parking pass will be issued to the student (delivered to them in class). If information is missing or needed, the student will receive an email in their student email account with further instructions.

LINK TO STUDENT PARKING REGISTRATION FORM  (you must be logged into your BUSD student gmail to use this form)
Vehicles parked on campus that are not registered are subject to being ticketed or towed. 
We ask that all student-drivers park on campus and not on neighboring streets so that we can be good neighbors to those who live nearby. There will be more than enough parking as we will have a reduced number of students on campus each day. 

Students are permitted to park on campus with the purchase of a student parking permit.  The application for the permit is available below.  Students are not permitted to park on campus until they have completed the application, provided all necessary information, and have received their permit. Students are to affix the permit to one of the lower corners of the permitted vehicle’s windshield. Any students parking on campus without a parking permit are subject to ticketing by Benicia Police under CVC.  All paperwork should be submitted to the BHS finance office during school hours.


The Benicia Unified School District and Benicia High School recognize the important role community groups and teams have in the education of our students and the enrichment of our city. Benicia High School facilities are open to the public for rental, including our auditorium, student center, and athletic fields. Anyone interested in renting our facilities needs to complete the BUSD facilities use application. The application for facilities is available for download below, along with the fee schedule and maps of our facilities.


Students should be dropped off and picked up on Military West, not in the driveway/parking lot areas as this slows down traffic and is dangerous for student pedestrians. Students with physical needs or large items (such as band instruments) may be dropped off and picked up in front of the Main Office as needed. At no time are students to be dropped off or picked up in the upper parking lot or staff parking lot. Please note that the parking lots immediately in front of the school are one way and are used for staff and student parking. We appreciate your help in providing a safe school area.


Visitors to campus during school hours are permitted to park in the front visitor spots only.  Please see the parking map below for visitor parking locations.  Anyone parking on campus without the appropriate parking permit is subject to ticketing by Benicia Police under CVC.