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Dial (707) 747 – 8325
Press 2 for Main Attendance Line
Press 1 for Ms. Hunt – last name begins with A thru F
Press 2 for Ms. Peterson – last name begins with G thru O
Press 3 for Ms. Carlsen – last name begins with P thru Z

Benicia High receives funding only when students are present in school. Students are expected to be in class on time and attend all classes daily.

Excused absences include:  illness, medical/dental/therapy appointments (Please submit medical note to main office when returning to school), death in the immediate family, absence/quarantine exclusion directed by a health officer and jury duty.  Vacations are not excused.

All absences must be cleared with a written note or telephone call within 72 hours to the attendance office.  If your absence is not cleared within this time, it will be considered a cut and you will be assigned detention.

Students leaving campus or returning to campus must always check in/out through the attendance office.  Students leaving campus without approval through the attendance office will be issued detention(s).  Detentions will also be issued for students with excessive tardies.