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Over the summer, the BUDS IT Department optimized the way our students connect with the WiFi. This change includes more robust access controls as well as a name change.

The new wireless connection is named: BUSD-BYOD

Students will still authenticate the same way as they did with BUSD-Student, though BUSD-Student is no longer available as an option. This new wireless connection will work both inside and outside the classroom. Below is an instruction sheet, which you can post or distribute to help students connect.

Click here for Instruction Sheet

Student Wifi now has filters in place – Students will notice that they no longer have access to some content that they were able to access in the past.

Students can use BYOD with their privately owned devices. We allow users to use Youtube, since it is used in the classrooms very often) but we are restricting Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Snapchat and other non-educational website so that we can comply to CIPA (Children Internet Protection Act.)