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Beginning Tuesday November 28, 2017 the closures of our upper student parking lot
mentioned in our previous solar project communication will begin. During phase 1,
which is estimated to last through mid-January, the upper student parking lot will have
its available parking spaces reduced by 65% .
We have attached two files for your review. The first is the alternate parking map file
that was sent with our previous email. This shows the surrounding sites to BHS that
will allow parking for our students during the construction timeline. Students are
expected to follow each site’s posted regulations and abide by all school policies when
parking at, and walking from, alternate parking locations. The second file is a map that
shows the available upper parking lot spaces. During phase one, most of the lowest
tier will be open, and students can use either side of school to access them. Please
encourage your student to drive safely and slowly when accessing the upper parking
We anticipate our student spots to be filled each day by 7:55 am, so the BHS
administration would recommend that students who are running late, may be wise in
electing to park at one of the surrounding alternate sites or on nearby city streets, only
where permitted.
Finally, due to the loss of parking space during phase 1, we will only sell student
parking passes through Friday December 1, 2017 at which time sales will cease until
phase 1 of the solar project is completed. Parking passes are available to Junior and
Senior students only.
We thank you for your continued patience and support of our important construction
projects here at BHS.

Alternate Parking Locations

BHS Solar Project-Phase 1