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Halloween Dress Code Guidelines

Benicia High School invites all students to dress-up for Halloween, but the following guidelines will be in place.

  1. Students in costumes must follow the Benicia High School’s regular dress code policies  and our RISE expectations: Respect, Include, Support, Engage. Costumes must be appropriate for school and cannot disrupt classrooms or instruction.  Students in inappropriate costumes will be sent home to change. 
  2. Costumes must allow students to sit down, see, and be able to do class work.  Hats that are a part of the costume may be worn, but need to be taken off in class if they are disruptive.  All special effects (make-up/hair color) must be done at home before the student comes to school. NO guns, knives, or other look-alike weapons are allowed with costumes.  Other accessories i.e., handcuffs and baseball bats are also not permitted. Lastly, for safety reasons, students are not to wear masks at any time. If a student is participating in the costume contest at lunch then the mask may only be worn during the contest. 
  3. The goal is for students to enjoy the opportunity to wear costumes to school while at the same time allowing for academic learning and instruction to take place in all classes. 
  4. Please leave candy and other treats at home.

The BHS Administration reserves the right to decide if any costume is inappropriate.  If you have any questions please ask BHS Administration. Thank you for your cooperation.