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Dear Families,

As part of our move from PowerSchool and BlackBoard to Aeries and ParentSquare, you should have received a few emails recently that will help you get set up with parent accounts for our new systems. You can use the instructions below to set up your accounts, complete parent data confirmation, and receive your student’s schedule.

STEP 1: Setting up your ParentSquare account

Having a ParentSquare account will let you see messages from your student’s school, fill out forms, and receive secure documents.

You should have received an email yesterday inviting you to join ParentSquare. If you haven’t already, to create an account, click the “Activate your account” button in the email and follow the instructions.

NOTE: When creating your ParentSquare account, make sure to enter the same email address that received this email. If you need to update your contact information, you can do that later during the parent data confirmation process.

For help with ParentSquare:

  • Check out the ParentSquare quickstart video or other ParentSquare help articles
  • If you received an email but are having trouble signing up, click the Question Mark icon in the top right corner of the screen for links to email, call, or chat with a ParentSquare support representative
  • If you did not receive an email, contact your student’s school site for help updating your contact information

STEP 2: Setting up your Aeries Portal account

Having an Aeries Portal account will allow you to see your student’s attendance, grades, and class schedule. It is also the account you’ll use for our yearly Parent Data Confirmation (“Online Registration”) process.

You’ll receive an email from ParentSquare shortly saying that you have a new Secure Document to read. This document contains the account creation code and instructions you’ll need to get into the Aeries Portal. If you’ve set up your ParentSquare account as discussed above but don’t get a Secure Document from ParentSquare, please contact your school site.

To create an Aeries portal account, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create New Account”
  3. Set the Account Type to Parent/Guardian, then click Next
  4. Enter your email address in the first two boxes, then choose a password and enter it in the bottom two boxes. Then, click Next.
  5. Aeries will send a confirmation email to the address you listed. Click the “Confirm This Email Address” link in the email to verify your account.
  6. Click “Return to Login Page”. Enter your email address, then click Next. Enter your password, then click Sign In.
  7. The next page will ask for information about your student to tie them to your account. This information is in the Secure Document.
  8. On the next screen, Aeries will list the contacts associated with the student. Select your record from the list. If you just see a “Loading” box with no contacts, that’s okay, just click Next.
  9. You now have an Aeries parent portal account linked to your student.

For middle and high school students who would like to set up an Aeries Student portal account, the instructions are nearly the same. Set the Account Type to Student, use the student’s personal (NOT DISTRICT) email address, and use the same student information from the Secure Document.

STEP 3: IMPORTANT: Parent Data Confirmation and Schedules

To complete parent data confirmation (“online registration”), log into your Aeries parent portal account. You will automatically be put into the parent data confirmation system, or can click in the red bar along the top of the screen to go there manually. Make sure to go through each page and confirm that  all information is filled out and correct.

NOTE: If you have changed addresses over the summer, contact your school site to provide residency verification. Aeries parent data confirmation does not handle physical address changes.

Upon completion of the parent data confirmation process, you will be able to access other areas of the Aeries portal. Schedules will be released to the Aeries Portal today, August 10th, at 3pm.

Aeries / ParentSquare parent registration hotline:

1 (707) 748-2788