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Prom Dress Code

Prom is a formal event. Please see the dress code guidelines below. If you are uncertain about your outfit, please seek administrative approval prior to purchasing or renting your item.


Students are expected to dress in formal attire, either a suit or a dress that meets the following criteria:

  1. Full length dress, tuxedo, or formal pants must be worn appropriately.  No sagging. No Jeans.
  2. Collared dress shirt with long sleeves, worn with a tie/bow tie (exception: tux shirt with a decorative button). Shirts must remain on & tucked in for the entire dance.
  3. Jackets or blazers.
  4. Formal dresses cannot be shorter than fingertip length with arms fully extended.
  5. Dress slits may not be higher than fingertip length with arms fully extended.
  6. Bare midriffs and plunging necklines are not allowed. No cut outs. Two piece top/skirt, outfits must cover midriff.
  7. No see-through material that exposes midriff, excessive cleavage, or thighs.
  8. The back of the dress may not be lower than the natural waistline (belly button).
  9. No bandanas, chains, or canes.
  10. No baseball caps.
  11. No grills.   
 *Students who arrive and do not meet the dress code guidelines are subject to being excluded from the event and no refund will be provided as agreement is provided on the dance memorandum. We want everyone to enjoy a night of sophistication and fun. Please consider your attire.